iPhone 4S may appear on WWDC

If you are tired of waiting for everything to change again for the fifth time, maybe you will not have to wait so long. Recently emerged a new rumor, according to which iPhone 4S will debut at the exhibition WWDC, which will be held in June. Rumor started by the British Technology blog Electricpig.

Electricpig are convinced that there will debut the iPhone 4S, since English iPhone PR department wish Electricpig and other English journalists to attend WWDC, which will be held in San Francisco.

This does not necessarily mean that WWDC will present the new iPhone, but we can definitely expect something about the iPhone. Originally anticipated summer debut of the new iPhone to be postponed to a later period because the start of sales in February of CDMA version of the iPhone 4 for the U.S. operator Verizon. Those doubts seemed to be confirmed when we saw the first fliers to WWDC, which stated that the event will be “future of iOS and Mac OS X”, rather than the future of the iPhone.

The prevailing theory in the technology world is that iPhone 4S will be a transitional device, which will be presented this autumn and will include dual-core processor as well as some cosmetic changes. iPhone 5 is expected to be presented next year and will have serious design changes.

We’re not entirely convinced that Apple invites journalists to reveal iPhone 4S. The company just wants as many media at the event because the media is an important part of their marketing strategy.

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