iPhone 5 delayed because of A5 CPU overheating?

Time for another series of rumors about the next generation of the iPhone. According to the Chinese website Sohu.com Apple was forced to delay the iPhone 5 because it used A5 processor. The publication claims that the reduced size of the body causing overheating of the dual-core chip and this is the reason for delaying the premiere of the summer to autumn, and delayed the premiere for unknown time – probably in 2012 then it will be included next-generation chip A6, which is likely to be produced on 28 nm technology, but not from Samsung. A5, which is used in iPad 2 is designed in 45 nm technology and is almost twice larger than the chip A4, which is in the iPhone 4.

Now about other information – that the iPhone 5 will be completely redesigned, and until its coming Apple can fool the appetite of fans with iPhone 4S. Its premiere is expected this fall and we assume that it won’t differ materially from iPhone 4 in terms of design, but will have improved camera (probably 8MP), Gorilla glass and perhaps dual-core version of the current processor A4.

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