iPhone 5 might have aluminum rear panel

iphone 5

Chinese Economic Daily News has released information about the rumor, according to which, parts for phones company claim that iPhone 5, which should appear in June/July this year, won’t have glass rear panel and in its place will appear good old aluminum.

According to these sources, the reasons for removing the rear glass is that it gives extra weight, scratches and break easily, and creates a headache for Apple, because it prevents dye pattern in white. Another hardware change for the next version of the iPhone is the place of the antenna, which is now available on either side of the phone. According to the source, the antenna will be moved inside the casing of the device, considering the problems with scope to test this phone.

iphone 5

These are credible arguments for hardware changes, but whether in this way will not lose the unique design of the iPhone, which now cleverly combines metal and glass? Moreover, there are rumors about a cheaper version of the iPhone, and a model with a larger screen, so it is not entirely clear to which of the two options is this new design.

From the Japanese site Macotakara released photos of the iPhone with an aluminum back panel, which shows that the model will have LED flash, which means that if the photos are accurate, it will most likely be cheapest model of the iPhone.

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