iPhone 5 production start in September?

Apple iPhone attracts more rumors than any other device. Recently we heard from two Korean operators that the iPhone 5 will be announced and released in late June, but now that date does not seem realistic. Now the company Avian Securities offers a more realistic estimate of the onset of the next iPhone.

The information on Avian Securities said that “one supplier of key components indicates that the iPhone 5 production will begin in September. This coincides with the open date of Avian supply in recent months and believe that everything points to this scenario.”

Start of production in September sounds much more realistic and so the release date for the iPhone 5 remains the end of 2011 – in time for holidays or early 2012

The same information on Avian Securities and talk about the possibility of there iPhone from the lower class: “Our discussions with suppliers indicate that Apple has plans for a future iPhone with less features and lower price. However, our contacts have no with information about the characteristics or the time of commencement of production.

This could mean that the iPhone from the lower class really developed in secret, or that Apple simply consider the idea of ??such a phone. Perhaps the company wants to warn early on their suppliers for such a possibility, not to complain that they were notified at the last minute.

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