iPhone 5 will have a curved screen?

Apple is famous for its secrecy around the next generation of the iPhone, the latter rumor comes from the Taiwanese supplier of parts, which reveals interesting details for the iPhone 5, which may have a curved glass screen. Site DigiTimes cites sources who say the company from Cupertino has ordered between 200 and 300 machines for bending glass to enable the whole process. But the information is not clear about the shape and curvature of the glass, so it can look like the screen of iPod nano, or similar screen to Nexus S.

In turn, manufacturers of glass do not want to order expensive technology. But even after the purchase of Apple, the machines stand unused and sealed in factories, because the profit from the manufacture of such displays have not yet reached a satisfactory level. If this proves true, it seems that there are still many unsolved problems about the next generation of the iPhone, once again confirmed at a later date for its debut – possibly in September. Currently, LG Optimus 2X and HTC Sensation are among the smallest class of smartphones with a slightly curved screen, but Apple could surprise us with something new.

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