iPhone 5 will not support LTE networks?

The forthcoming event that Apple organized on March 2 will reveal expected iPad 2 and we can learn a little more information about white iPhone 4, but now most people are interested in next generation iPhone. iPhone 5 is expected to be announced in the summer but rumors show that the new model will not support LTE networks. Information is from the analyst Samuel Greenholtz of Telecom Pragmatics, who learned this from a source close to Apple, however, there is a lot of time until the summer, so things can change.

Greenholtz adds: “Following iPhone – iPhone 6 – is LTE version of the device, which is currently being developed and production is scheduled for June / July next year.” iPhone 5 is expected to maintain the same frequencies as the current version and now in the next version to support 4G HSPA + networks.

If Apple abandon support of LTE for the next generation iPhone, it will at least have features like 4-inch screen, dual-core processor and Camera Sensor from Sony. Overall, not bad if it gets really, but LTE support will soon become a standard for smartphones with Android, so it’s interesting will Apple be able to catch with them?

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