iPhone 5 will probably got entirely new design

With the approach of summer, the typical time in which each year from Apple released a new version of its mobile phone iPhone, again space is filled with rumors and “reliable” information about what will be the fifth-generation iPhone. According to recent rumors, iPhone 5 will offer a completely new design, since obviously the performance of the current iPhone 4 does not turn out so good – referring to the problem of mobile network coverage in a particular way of holding the device. It is believed that new iPhone 5 will rely on entirely new mobile chipset from Qualcomm, which will work with CDMA/GSM/UTMS networks of mobile operators and hence is more compatible with networks around the world.

Among other things fall rumors, such as support for NFC (near field communication) technology for high-speed wireless data transfer between two devices located close to each other. In the past year Apple bought a number of interesting companies developing various innovative software technologies which, if integrated in the iPhone 5 is possible to become even “smarter” smartphone.

What makes a serious impression, however, is that the iPhone 5 launch will be the first ever device that not only the presentation will not be made by Steve Jobs, but he probably will not attend it at all due to health problems. Of course it is possible that Jobs head back to Apple until summer, but if his medical problems are not solved by then it is not excluded premiere of the new phone to take place without him. The question that arises is whether his deputies will be able to make the premiere well and convincingly that fans couldn’t wait to get the new device.

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