iPhone 5 will receive a display with at least four inches diagonal

Despite the rumors, saying that the Apple iPhone 5 will be equipped with 4.2-inch display, recent information shows different. Initial reports were based on information from the website of the Swiss Apple and now suppliers of panels for the phone said they will get a smartphone screen with at least 4 inches.

The specifications of Apple iPhone 5 should look like this:

• 4 or 4.2-inch LCD display with HD resolution and sensor management system;
• 8 Mpix camera resolution;
• ability to record Full HD video resolution;
• dual processor Apple A5;
• a new ultra-slim design.

However, many observers and analysts tend to agree that the above characteristics really show how consumers want to see the fifth iPhone. So far, changes in hardware on the phones of two adjacent generations do not differ as much as the iPhone 5.

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