iPhone 5 will recognize speech

Function for speech recognition may appear in the next generation smartphone iPhone 5 and player iPod Touch 5, according to sources familiar with the work of Apple.

The company recently released test versions of the operating system iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad. It is assumed that the new OS will feature speech recognition.

9to5mac site published screen system, which shows the sign of the microphone. When the user touches the icon opens an interface for speech recognition.

Apple did not comment on rumors emerged about innovations in the mobile platform. iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are expected to be available this fall. It was also argued that they will include face recognition.

Google already supports voice search for Android smartphones. Google users have multiple options for managing voice – sending SMS and web browsing.

Owners of iPhone now have a limited set of voice commands – to call a number and player controls. Voice access to Internet using an external application and it’s Google Search for iOS.

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  1. Just what we need people that can afford up to 299 for a phone to have to listen to more people that need to stfu talking to there phone , I hope iOS 6 the iPhone talks back so I dot have to tell them how foolish they look talking to there phone really this is so useless !

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