iPhone 5s Music Transmitter + Wireless Handsfree Kit

iPhone 5SiPhone 5s Music Transmitter + Wireless Handsfree Kit is a brand-new and cutting edge cellular phone accessory that enables you to use your existing vehicle speakers as a hands cost-free phone. It is a phenomenal cellular phone adapter that is created to work with any cell phone and any automobile. The intro of this invaluable accessory has made the demand for spending hundreds on a hands cost-free phone system outdated.

Enjoy wireless convenience. Easily connect iPad to any car radio even if you have an older car with cd player or just a tape deck. FM transmitter for iPad works with any FM radio. Simply plug and play! This device works by just picking up a FM frequency and transmits from there.

Its ease of use also corresponds to its compact design. There is no need to install any additional accessory, no need to download an app, and no need for batteries. Just wireless music from your iPad to any FM radio you choose. You are able to broadcast your own music selection over the radio whether in your car, home, or office.

iPhone 5s Wireless Handsfree Kit Connect iPhone5s to Any Car Radio – Music, Game, Podcast, Youtube, Pandora and more

No Noise!
No Setup!
No Battery!
No Wires!
Plug and Play!
Any FM Radio!

Hear Music Or Calls Through Your Radio


We engineered the iPhone FM transmitter to broadcast with built-in 5.1 surround sound from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to any FM radio. And it transmits the sound with an amazing clarity, so you can hear every word without a hint of crackle or static. This would be perfect for getting digital quality music to play in other rooms of your house very easily and wirelessly without the cable mess.

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