iPhone 6 will be charged wirelessly?

Wall Street Journal newspaper reported that the company Apple is already working on a major renovation of its smartphone iPhone, which will follow in 2012. That means it’s not for iPhone 5, whose appearance on the market is expected this fall but for the sixth-generation model. It will receive a new way to charge plus several new “experimental” features. Details so far are not many, but regarding charging, it might be done wirelessly through induction technology.

The market currently has only a few devices that do not need a charger, which can be connected to cable – it is enough simply to be placed on a special panel. These include new smartphones with WebOS and a HP tablet, using technology HP Touchstone. Most likely something similar Apple intends to use in its new iPhone. Wall Street Journal also reported that is being prepared a more compact and cheaper iPhone with a “from end to end” display. Rumors of this so-called “iPhone nano” is not new and have already appeared before, but is not yet clear how reliable they are.

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