iPhone 6 will use the p-Si LCD display from Sharp

It seems odd to discuss what kind of parts iPhone 6 will have, given that we don’t even know when iPhone 5 will appear nor how will look the next-generation touchscreen phone from Apple. From the information we received so far, it seems that Apple iPhone 5 will have slightly larger screen. It is expected that the screen is between 3.7 and 4 inches with the same resolution as sharpening will decrease the pixel density of 326 to 315 pixels per inch, but can hold the title of Retina Display, as it would be met from over the border 300 pixels per inch.

Rumors claim that the Apple has opted for next-generation iPhone low-temperature polysilicon LCD display by Sharp. According to information in the Japanese newspaper Nikkan, Sharp will start producing the displays in the spring of next year. The company is already preparing for the production of displays in the factory Kameyama Plant No. 1, where Sharp produces LCD TVs.

Low temperature polysilicon LCD displays are thinner and lighter, while consuming less energy than today’s most commonly used LCD screens. This technology allows systems such as optical sensors and circuits for signal processing to be embedded directly onto the glass. Consumers will also feel the benefits as the screen offers vibrant colors and greater durability than the modern mobile screens.

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  1. The fact is that the information given regarding the IPhone 6 is in fact information the next iPhone 5 will be. Leaks given relate to the iPhone 5 as Apple isn’t at the designing stage of the iPhone 6 as of yet because of issues of the IPhone 5 still to be rectified. There are discussions only of what iPhone 6 will have and no discussions are in place with other manufactures, What Apple want to put into the iPhone needs to be up with and not ahead of common mobile technologies and need to see where other mobile manufacturers are producing. At this stage the only added technology Apple are looking at is near field payment and if it’s viable

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