iPhone – Applications for Digital Signage Interactivity

Apple IPhone6

Apple IPhone6When Steve Jobs first stood on a stage and brought up a full-scale version of the New York Times on the iPhone prototype the media reported the world of cell phones would change. Gone would be the days of cell phones providing web interaction through rudimentary websites, and being fundamentally limited in the amount of content their users could interact with. A new age for the smart phone had arrived.

Many smaller changes in the time since the debut of the iPhone have gone unnoticed. These technologies have enabled businesses, governments, and other organizations to become more effective in their delivery of products and services. In fact iPhone technology has allowed greater user interactivity using a range of apps and QR codes.

For digital signage it meant it was now possible for the customer to interact with the sign, and gain a deeper understanding of the product or service offered. From an application standpoint, many organizations are using it to get more millage out of their signage.

  • Restaurants – Many restaurants have deployed digital signage, and in the case of quick service restaurants it has been particularly useful. It allows owners to instantly put up new promotions, blow out excess cooking and inventory by advertising a special, and change products and pricing with the click of a button. The best part for the restaurant manager and owner, it can all be done from their iPhone standing right in the store.

For customers it has allowed a new level of interactivity. By scanning QR codes on the menu boards, the customer can send their feedback to the restaurant.

  • Banking – The banking sector has made particularly good use of digital signage. These digital signs allow banks and other organizations to post their deals, from the managers smart phones, based on the demographic of client that comes in throughout the day.

Customers can use the digital signs with their iPhones and access more information via a QR code, or by having the sign produce additional information based on the users request. There are many solutions that can help improve the interaction between customers and a business available for deployment.

  • Advertising – The advances in digital signage and the interactivity that has come along with them has meant advertising no longer has to be static. When users are on public transit they can interact with the advertisements using their smart phones, and use the large advertisement display to learn more about the product being advertised. In many cases it is then possible to move the smart phone to the website for the product, and allow the customer to complete a purchase right then and there before they have the opportunity to change their mind. All of this renders the new digital signage a highly useful technology that can truly enhance a business’ bottom line.

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