iPhone Conquered Half of Smartphones Market

Apple iPhone already holds 50 percent of the global market for smartphones. At least that is what AdMob statistics shows – Mobile advertising company owned by Google. Data of the agency that manages mobile ads huge numbers of advertisers, show that devices with Android OS more and more “breathe into the neck” of the leader.

Not so rosy statistics are for Symbian and Palm devices. According to the advertising agency Symbian goes down and Palm after a short period of growth also has momentum in the direction of gravitational forces.
AdMob data should be read with some degree of mistrust, warns The Register. They are not based on official statistics but their own advertising network AdMob. The data do not represent traditional notions of market share based on number of units sold.

Overall, however, the trend is clear: consumption of smartphones is growing rapidly. Comparison with 2008 shows that it has doubled from 22 percent to 44 percent targets.

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