1. For me, the iPhone is an easy reject. This saves me from wanting one… here’s why

    1. Number one and several other top numbers… the keybrd is way way too small…. U can not touch type on it with two hands which is frustrating to the max, but also makes stupid the QWERTY arrangement because without 2 hands, u are forced to hunt and peck which would be easier in alpha order not in QWERTY order. This item eliminates it for me, but also:

    2. screen is too small … altho without my glasses, maybe ok, but how will I look SMELLING my phone when viewing??
    3. Has map but no GPS… Unlike me, vastly most people can not read a map, so this function is a toy…. and no GPS directions to help.

    When they make the following, I will sell blood to purchase it….
    Phone with all now-standard stuff
    GPS that talks
    full sized folding keybrd– or better— voice recognition totally. Or at very least, handwrite on
    screen for input.
    Internet connection, wireless and works everywhere cel phone works.

    Add these:
    three credit cards inside with swipe of it, it makes a charge
    bankbook that plugs into my bank
    verified I.D.– like passport and drivers license.
    interface to my hearing aids, wireless.
    Downloads any full movie by title, wireless, and holds scads of movies on 5″x6″ screen.

    These current devices are designed by 20 yr olds for 20 yr olds….. who want music. Not for me.

    Charles Harpole
    [email protected]

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