iPhone learn to identify trees

New application for the iPhone that launched the company Apple, determines the type of tree, along which you walk. For this purpose, you need only the application LeafSnap.

The first step your smartphone to determine tree is to capture its leaves. Then leave all to the application and it’ll quickly and reliably determine its precise form, using the algorithm developed by experts at Columbia University and their colleagues at the University of Maryland. The algorithm is similar to that used for face recognition. Then the application compares the information received with the database for different types of trees. However, if LeafSnap can not decide unambiguously the type of tree, offset by offering its holder more information about the closest matches to display the picture. If you’re curious your smartphone will tell you where the trees grow that most resemble what you care what their seeds look like and their colors, etc.

So far the application contains data only for trees in the area of ??New York and Washington, so do not rush to download it. In the future, developers promise to correct this lack. Using application LeafSnap, its users helping scientists to collect information on the flora of cities because after the application determine the type of wood, it connect this information with the location of the iPhone owner.

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