iPhone OS 3.0 Hacked

Day after it was officially released, the third version of the iPhone operating system was penetrated. Hackers group iPhone Dev Team has released software tool called ultrasn0w, which allows to remove the tie to a mobile operator. Hackers have published in their blog a video demonstrating the capabilities of ultrasn0w.

Representative of the Dev Team with nickname MuscleNerd reported that the group intends to break the protection on the new smartphone to Aplle – iPhone 3G S. In the spring of last year, developers of the Dev Team hack software 2.0 for iPhone, and in December puncture protection and the iPhone 3G. To that purpose, the program used was yellowsn0w.

The new iPhone OS 3.0 platform was presented on March 17 this year, and now the operating system can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. Innovation allows owners of iPhone features copy / cut / paste, search, and improved ability to send MMS.

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