iPhone OS 3.0 Launched

Version 3.0 of the iPhone OS has launched in the US, bringing with it just about every feature the phone should have had from the start – and even more.

1. Send an MMS: The iPhone can finally send picture messages like any phone from 2004. It can if you’re on pretty much any carrier but AT&T. For one reason or another, AT&T isn’t going to be supporting MMS until “late summer”, though it already seem to work for some people and others have successfully persuaded AT&T customer service reps to enable the functionality on their account.

2. Scrub a song
iphone scrub a song

3. Rate a YouTube video

4. Record a voice memo: If you have nothing important to say, freestyle a rap about iPhone-iPod.org.
iphone voice memo

5. Download a movie

6. Landscape support everywhere

7. Cut/Copy/Paste: The copy and paste system seems a bit strange at first, but you’ll get it. Hold your finger in place in any text field until the magnification lens comes up. When you let go, you’ll have the option to “Select”, “Select all”, or “Paste”. The “Select” option will spawn a little overlay – drag that around to find the text you want, then hit copy or cut. Go somewhere else, hold, paste.

8. Shake to undo: Write a really nasty text message to your boss, count to 30, and then shake the iPhone. Hit “Undo”. Or don’t shake it, hit “Send”, and run away to the Bahamas.

9. Call up AT&T and try to convince them to enable MMS

10. Copy a link out of Safari

11. Search in mail

12. Sync your notes

13. Sync with Google Calendar
iphone calendars

14. Search in the iPod: So you have 38,000,000 songs and you want to listen to one. You have no idea who the artist is, but you know that the title of the song has “Booty” in it somewhere. Now you can search for “Booty”, narrowing the search to every hip-hop song you have on your iPhone.

15. Listen to your songs in stereo – wirelessly!

16. Tether

17. Check out the Safari fixes

18. Set up parental controls

19. Spotlight search: If it’s on your iPhone, you can find it in spotlight. Remember that before the next time you let your buddies make a call on your iPhone containing those pics from that one week you spent with the misses in Cancun. You thought you’d hidden them well enough, and now all your friends have seen your goods.

20. Resend failed text messages

21. Play with all the new content in third party apps

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