iPhone owners sue Apple in China

Chinese users of hit smartphone iPhone have filed lawsuits against Apple. People accuse the company of Steve Jobs that had sold them used mobile phones for the price of new, inform Bgr.com.

There are two filed lawsuits, which are independent of each other and will be viewed by the Chinese People’s Court. Unfortunate phones are sold to customers in the Apple stores, which are located in the capital Beijing. Of course, it comes to real stores of Apple, and not counterfeit, as recently appeared a large scale in Chinese.

Defender disadvantaged users will be popular Chinese lawyer Wang Hai. He is best known for the fact that it works mainly on matters relating to the protection of consumer rights in China.

The charges in both cases is that Apple are repackaged used copies of iPhone and put them in their commercial network, presenting them as brand new. Steve Jobs’s company had clearly stated that mobile phones are factory reconditioned, but not new. Refresh this way phones can be sold legally, but only if their history is explicitly mentioned on the box and the customer is informed about it.

One of the aggrieved phone customers understand what is bought only after a year use the device. When he went to the store to look for the Apple account fraud from there tried to bribe him and give him an extension of the warranty. Wang Hai’s lawyer, it appears as an additional violation of consumer rights.

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