iPhone sales with a growth of 142% for the quarter

Apple once again reported record financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2011, the company boasts a 82 percent revenue growth and increasing profits by 125%. Revenues for the period were 28.57 billion dollars, and profits reached 7.31 billion dollars, while last year figures were respectively 15.7 billion and 3.25 billion dollars. International sales represented 62% of revenues for the quarter and 13% of revenues are generated in China.

What is the statistics in terms of units sold? For the quarter, new owners have found phone 20,340,000 – account is 142% annual growth. Were sold and 9.25 million tablet, and here is the annual growth of 183%. In a modest increase in sales of computers, especially compared with the tablets – the company has sold 3.95 million of them (14% more per year). Continued decline in media player and they were sold 7.54 million pieces – a drop of 20% per year.

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