iPhone versus G1

The G1 from T-Mobile has finally arrived and iPhone is eventually getting the serious competition that other iPhone rivals hope for.

The iPhone is lighter compared to the G1. It only weighs as much as 133g while the rival is 158g. And although many iPhone owners used to rant about the battery life of the device, they should be thankful that their iPhone can last up to 300 hours (standby) whereas the G1 only lasts for 130 hours. Again, one point goes to the iPhone.


  1. um..
    im looking for a new phone and don’t know which to choose.
    so i look here for advice!!
    i basically want texting, talking, myspace, and well thats about it.
    so helpp which one??

  2. i have just bought a g1, the qwerty keyboard is so much easier to use, and the development of amazons mp3 site will outperform itunes. And the deal on tmobile is ??30 for ??140 pound credit… i definately prefer the g1, but then again, apple iphone does look outstanding

  3. iphone is really fun, the interface is the best thing about it. it is so user friendly it is unthinkable. the g1 doesnt look as good and ive never seen one but its got to be pretty good to outdo the iphone

  4. kaitlynn, get the g1. It has a myspace app for FREE, texting is easy on a full keyboard, and the phone on the g1 is awesome or you can get the sidekick

    hope this helps

  5. kaitlynn u should get the i phone. u want texting thats easy
    you want myspace and thatis easy to
    their might not be an app for it right now but u can just bookmark the page when your on the internet

  6. The Iphone is god of all cell phones. Ive owned them all, the G1, Wing, Sidekick 08, lx, and slide, and the behond. THe Iphone smokes all these phones, the G1 is a piece of crap, and i’d rather own a razor over that savior brick. it’s so much thicker then the iphone, the options are wack, and it’s not as clear as the iphone when it comes to youtube. I seriously wanted to “kill myself” when i had the G1 I would say on a daily basis “Lord take me now” lmao!. Apple till I die”.. I love my Iphone and I wouldn’t get rid of it at gun point.
    Thank you Apple for making a badass phone like the Iphone. I wIll continue to buy your products, and when another Iphone comes out I will buy it guaranteed:).

  7. “The G1 is realy a chunk of shit. Really… you have to own one and try them all to know the difference. My friend palin at my job has the G1.. when he seen me pull out my iphone, his boots blew off!.. He said he alway wanted and Iphone, but he has to wait till his 3 months are up on his tmobile account to get an atandt. but seriously, i had them all and the g1 is the lamest htc phone ever. i rather have a wing over the g1 and the iphone over all!!:).. thank you apple for the iphone, I am a very happy satisfied customer with my Iphone big time:).

  8. and iphones are childish, you cant customize anything on them… fuck that shit, with the g1 you can customize pretymuch anything on it

  9. by the way Mark Soler works for apple… hes bullshitting you all to buy a iphon and pay for the apps

  10. Mush like the epic vi vs. emacs flamewars. Get what you want. If I were a kid, I’d want the iphone. But I have a kid, so G1 or Blackberry is where I lean. I’m not you though, so you probably have a different opinion, which would be just as valid.

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