1. Hi,
    I’m a beginner in iphone application.

    I’ve download a list from a xml file and i need to put a research button and research in 2 categories.
    But i don’t know how to do it, can you help me ?

    here is my adress : [email protected]
    Thanks in advance

  2. Great share, this really covers how to use ALL default features! It is really convenient for apple to release this, i’ve never seen it before. It’s great for beginners and first time users. How wonderful. More advanced and jailbreak tutorials can be found over at techorials.

  3. Just got the iPhone and am studying the tutorial; and also have a counseling session set up with one of the ATT tech’s to speed up the process. Like it better than by Blackberry so far, but the signal is weak at my home/office; and the battery life isn’t very good.


  4. What is the best and easiest way to track and sync your schedule with the Iphone 3? I have tried Informant, that seemed cumbersome. Is there an easier way to make it compatible with my PC and Windows platform? I am not that tech savvy, so in English please

  5. Iphoto- How do I download photos to my PC?
    How do I start a new album and change from album to album when taking pictures?

  6. Sir/Madem recently I got iPhone 3G in this video camera is disabled or not visible how can I enable it.

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