iPhone will get touch buttons around the display?

apple patent

PatentlyApple announced a new patent application by Apple. It is about so-called “Smart Frame”. If the idea is implemented, such interesting component can get the iPhone and other mobile devices of the company. It is about integrating extra touch controls directly into the frame around the phone display. On it will show different icons, controls, indicators for key information and the like, which will allow to significantly extend the capabilities of the touch interface.

apple patent

To the patent application, Apple attached sketch, which shows the device with large screen, reminiscent of the iPhone or iPod Touch. The document says that this method can be used for different devices: phones, media players, PDA devices, laptops and even cameras. Judging by the sketch in the patent is planned main elements to be placed around the display. Currently it is difficult to say whether Apple is preparing to implement something similar in their new devices in the near future or this is still just an idea.

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