iPhone’s market share in Europe decreasing

Weakening economy and lower prices pf competing smartphones are the reason for decreasing sales of the iPhone in Europe, according to the European market research company Kantar. The premiere of the iPhone 4S has led to an increase in market share of Apple’s smartphone in England, Australia and the United States, but users on the continent have proved more concerned about their budgets than the new device. For the 12 weeks ending in late November, the market share of the iPhone in the United States has increased to 36% from 25% a year ago, in England increased from 21% to 31%. In France, however, decreased from 29% to 20% and in Germany from 27% to 22%. Such is the decline in Italy and Spain.

The explanation of analysts is related to the economic situation and measures to tackle the crisis, applying various governments. These include cuts in spending and job losses and the attention that users begin to pay the price is much higher. Meanwhile, Android’s market share of the various European markets varies between 46% and 61%. In Germany the share of the platform is 61% and there best selling smartphone for a period of 12 weeks is Samsung Galaxy S II.

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