Lifedge Case Makes iPad Waterproof and Shock Resistant

Scanstrut company introduced a new case for the iPad, which makes it water and shock resistant. The cover has a coefficient of resistance IP67, which means it will save your tablet in half-hour stay under water a meter or a fall onto concrete from a height of one meter.

The case is called Lifedge by international company Scanstrut herald a brand new product line. So far, the company was known primarily as a producer of technologies and products designed to protect equipment used underwater. In this case for iPad Scanstrut will try to get a name and other niche markets and to expand its portfolio to include products that allow safe use of our technology in all conditions, not just water.

Besides the aforementioned splash and shock into the ground, case has a special coating called OptiGuard. This coating provides added screen brightness on sunny days and protection from abrasives and chemicals that are commonly used in the home.

The entire case consists of two parts, which are easily placed and removed and are compact enough to not give extra weight or volume of the tablet. The company offers two models of holsters designed, respectively, for the first two models iPad. So far they do not plan on carrying the latest model. Both sleeve sold for 99 pounds.

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