Logitech Zaggmate case with keyboard for iPad 2

ipad 2 logitech case

This aluminum case stands up your iPad 2 in either portrait or landscape modes, and its keyboard, rechargeable via USB, pairs up with your iPad via Bluetooth. Shipping starts on April 19 The best news is, the case and keyboard are a mere 0.54 inches thin and that’s not going to add much thickness to your sleek tablet. By the way, if you have an original iPad, Zagg makes a similar case for that too, with or without the keyboard.

ipad 2 logitech case

Logitech is offering this case with the cooperation of Zagg, also known for its “invisible shield” screen protectors for various devices like mobile phones. According to The Wall Street Journal, this mashup of Logitech and Zagg is the result of agreement the two companies made recently, where Logitech will be marketing, manufacturing and distributing the case, while Zagg retains the right to sell it on its website.

At its price of $100, there are certainly lots of cheaper stands and even aluminum cases such as the gorgeous Joby Ori — available for the iPad 2. But this is the only one we’ve seen that gives you all three functions — stand, keyboard and case in one attractive package.

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