Luxury iPhone 4 Diamond Spider

iphone 4 diamond spider

iPhone 4 does not remain indifferent to known designers and jewelers. So Alexander Amosu, a British jeweler, presented luxury phone iPhone 4 Diamond Spider. The steel frame of the iPhone 4 is coated with superhard titanium coating. The device has 846 white diamonds encrusted worth 5.66 carats. The back of the phone can make improvements in different colors chosen by the user. Apple logo on the rear panel is covered with gold.

iphone 4 diamond spider

In addition, if you decide to buy the phone, you can do it unique – to select the color of diamonds, an individual phone number, brand name, which can also be made of gold (you can display the date of birth, number of car or phone, or any other important date).

iPhone 4 Amosu Diamond Spider already selling in Britain, Monaco, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. The price is ??15,000 (about $23,570).

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