Many users received an error message when upgrading to iOS 5

Following the release of new iCloud oriented versions of Mac OS X, iTunes and Apple iOS forums are filled with posts of users reporting problems with the update of the company’s mobile devices to iOS 5. Most users report the occurrence of an error when downloaded new mobile operating system is trying to backup the current version of iOS or after you install when the backup starts to be used as a data source from which to restore the settings and information to the user.

Some owners of the devices reported that they received error messages at the stage of installing the operating system, resulting in their iPhone, iPod or iPad becoming unusable. Others write that error occurred when installation is complete.

In most cases problems have occurred during the extraction of user data from the backup computer. In all cases, however, eventually upgrading to iOS 5 is completed successfully, since each step can be repeated after you restart the computer or device from which the installation is done.

Currently Apple doesn’t comment on the source of the problem, so far it remains unclear what causes frequent errors, the more users that attest to the occurrence of these messages in different parts of the installation process.

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