More differences found in white iPhone 4

iphone 4 camera

It seems that the white iPhone 4, launched last week, has even more differences from the black version. Apart from being thicker by 0.2 mm, it also has a more recessed camera lens and different-looking proximity sensor. It was the back camera lens that is said to have caused the nearly one-year delay of the Great White model. Reportedly, there was an issue caused by the white semi-translucent glass and the flash. This must be the reason behind the more recessed 5 MP camera lens on the back of the device. The proximity sensor has been changed too. Maybe it’s to address the issues with the semi-translucent white front panel.

iphone 4 camera iphone 4 proximity sensor
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  1. Saw on a different blog that there were differences, but they didn’t give any reasons for the differences. Your reasoning above makes sense…

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