New iPad Components Are Worth $316

Among the required analyzes of new devices entering the market, Apple’s already have an overview of components, which are under the hull of the products and calculation of production costs. iSuppli now prepared the accounts for the latest iPad. The agency said production costs for the Apple tablet have increased by 21-25%, but as we begin to see themselves, this has not affected the price of the device for end users, and has affected the profit margins of the company, which is lower. The agency said the American company has paid a $ 316 iPad each of the last generation. This price is only $ 6 more than predicted by UBM, before it became clear what exactly are the components under the shell of the tablet.

From iSuppli reported that in their biggest price increase has come because of the display, the price for the new iPad is $ 87, while for the iPad 2, it was $ 57. Prices of components that are shared with iPad 2, probably at a reduced price compared to last year, but the new battery and processor already cost Apple at $ 32 and $ 23 for this model.

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