Next-generation iPhone Tested in San Francisco?

Analysis of the developer of iPhone apps, Pandav, shows the use of unannounced iPhone. Used application is a reference to the railway system of San Francisco called iBART. The company, which provides analytical information – PinchMedia, analyse by type of use of various devices used. The information is provided to developers with the identification number specified by Apple. The record of Pandav describes the use of identification “iPhone3,1” November onwards, but it does not match any iPhone model so far. Latest phone, iPhone 3GS, is identified with the code “iPhone2,1”. Pandav has forwarded the information to MacRumors, whose website reported that the identification “iPhone3,1” was discovered in the firmware of the iPhone in August. Then for the first time appeared an evidence of it. From the site were reported rumors that the next iPhone model will be equipped with multi-core processor for faster operations.

ibart app for iphone

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