Nissan developed iPhone case that repairs itself

nissan iphone case

nissan iphone case

A few years ago, when dealing with Infinity, Nissan developed in the automotive paint, which has the function to resume light scratches to back cover in its original form. Using the same technology, the automaker introduced a new type of case for iPhone, which has the ability to correct for possible release and scratches.

The main function of the Nissan Scratch Shield, as it is understood not to repair scratches on the screen of a smartphone, but it prevents them. The technology was developed by a team of scientists from the University of Tokyo and the company Advanced Softmaterials Inc. At its base stands precisely the material which is made at Foreign bodies of the cover layer or paint, namely polirotaksan. In the event of scratches in the optimal size, structure polirotaksana can react and recover back to its previous form as repair the damaged part on the surface.

Innovative Case for iPhone was presented this weekend at the Motor Show in Dubai. To test your product from Nissan have decided to provide limited edition covers of selected journalists and consumers to evaluate the technology in a given period of time. If technology really prove polirotaksana properties, the company will start mass producing them, to make Nissan Scratch Shield accessible to all.

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