One third of Americans want to buy the iPhone 5

Study by PriceGrabber conducted online among 2,853 U.S. consumers showed that 35% of them plan to buy the new model iPhone, when the device hit the market. According to the survey 51 percent intend to buy it in the first year its sales, while 30% expect to be equipped with the iPhone by the end of 2011. Those who intend to buy iPhone 5 in the first week of its release sales were 7% and 14% are those who plan to make the purchase during the first month.

Interestingly, however, 46% of respondents answered that they think is important to have a 4G phone capabilities, and targets 55 percent expect it to be cheaper than previous models of the iPhone. At the same time none of the respondents on PriceGrabber is not responsible, that uses the 4G capabilities of smartphones, while 88% of people rely on them for calls, 77% for access to email, 73% for sending and receiving text messages, 69% for internet access and 50% for GPS navigation.

Love to users of Apple products is undeniable, however, since 48% of survey respondents said they prefer iOS as a platform, while 69% would like to receive the iPhone as a gift. 19% of respondents prefer to do their work phone with Android, but only 4% are those who would like to receive Samsung Galaxy S2 as a gift, and 7% prefer Motorola Droid Bionic, whose U.S. sales are about to embark. Fans of the BlackBerry OS does have only 6% of respondents in the survey, while 3% are those who would like to receive such a phone.

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  1. The people that write these articles should be able to speak English or at least have an English speaking person proof read them.

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