Protect Your Brand New iPhone With A Customized Decal This Year

iphone protection

If you received a brand new smartphone for Christmas, you’re probably thrilled. The new iPhone 6 has a larger screen than ever before, a brand new camera and cool new storage capabilities. Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get more into podcasts, start an Instagram account or just post more flattering selfies, a brand new iPhone can help. Of course, they also act as a personal motivation tool to help you stay focused on your personal goals and commitments in the New Year.

You should protect your new phone with the customized accessories that can make your life way easier. A portable charger can be slipped into your purse or jacket for on-the-go charging that doesn’t require a plug. (It’s also incredible handy should your phone suddenly die during a pivotal moment.) Brand new headphones come in various styles, including ones with Bluetooth capabilities, during the winter months. And lastly, you should also consider a protective cover for your brand new iPhone, especially as the temperature drops below zero. The smartphone accessory industry is constantly evolving and there are so many options available on the market. While it takes some time to decide which product is for you, a little preliminary research will help you purchase the best protection imaginable for your phone.

iphone protection

There are so many bulky black cases that turn your sleek new smartphone into a heavy brick in your hand. To give your phone a little personality and style, consider the new carbon fiber smartphone skins handcrafted from 3M vinyl. Other materials can leave traces of residue and goo behind if you ever want to remove and clean them. Instead these products are easy to take off, wipe down and replace on your phone’s exterior. They boast up to five years of outdoor weather resistance and keep your phone feeling light instead of like a frozen weight. The styles available online appeal to all kinds of clients, reflecting trends in the tech and design industry, such as matte black leather, faux wood paneling and a pop of colour in a carbon fiber print. They create an airtight barrier against dust, grime and finger oils without covering up necessary functions like the microphone and camera. Best of all, your phone will look incredibly stylish and trendy while being protected against liquid spills, a sudden drop on the concrete or your children’s sticky fingers.

If you’re searching online for the latest smartphone skin stickers, check out the iPhone decals from dbrand. This internet retailer offers designs for iPhone models ranging from the 4, all the way to the brand new 6. They’re guaranteed to last, are made from the recommended 3M vinyl and are priced competitively for the market. Certainly, smartphones aren’t going away anytime soon. It’s in your best interest to keep up with the times. Give your brand new iPhone the protection it deserves with a unique protective cover. Not only will your phone stand out in the crowd, it will also stand up to external wear and tear over time.

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