Rumor: Apple will present a cheaper iPad 2, together with iPad 3

The whole world stands with bated breath and wait for the date March 7, when, according to popular belief, Apple will present to the world their new tablet. The official date of course, unleashed a wave of comments, rumors and even suggestions to us by the media and consumers. Among all this information, however, a full hearing of the foreign media headlines: Apple will present not one but two tablets next week. report that with iPad 3 will be presented a new model iPad 2 with a capacity of 8GB. This tablet will be cheaper than the current model iPad 2 and its purpose will be to compete with tablets available by other producers who actually are multiplied several times in recent months. No wonder Apple have felt threatened by them.

The same rumor suggests that the iPad 3 will have two versions – one will have a capacity of 16GB, the other – 32GB. This means that Apple will ignore the 64GB version. One reason why the company would do this is to promote the use of the service iCloud. iCloud allows storage of files in the cloud and largely meaningless need more onboard memory.

As to 8GB iPad 2, analysts say, if it actually shows, will be priced around $399 or even less. This value will make it cheaper than the Kindle Fire or the Nook, but it will threaten their market share. According to Gizmag, most users would gladly pay $100 more if they know that buying a product from Apple.

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