Singapore soldiers will be equipped with iPad

Ministry of Defense intends to integrate to the arsenal of the standard set of soldiers and seamen with Apple iPad second generation. Initially will be purchased 8000 devices which will reach the military on January 1. After that date will be equipped other troops as well. The introduction of the tablet is intended to facilitate military shooting of materials and a link to the main command, and also among themselves. In addition, tablets are planned in the conduct of military operations and others. The models will be equipped with specially developed for this purpose applications. Let us recall that the lower model iPad second generation in Singapore costs about 540 U.S. dollars. This means that only the start of the program the government will spend not less than 4.3 million dollars. According to Gartner’s analysis of the end of the year worldwide will be sold around 70 million internet tablet, of which 48 million iPad.

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