The best tips and tricks for iOS 11’s Notes app

The Notes app is getting better and better every year when Apple releases a new software update. Apple has been trying to improve the app in an attempt to add up to a better user experience. With the release of iOS 11, the Notes app receives some useful features that are really worth your time.

To help you get the most out of the iOS 11 Notes app, we have compiled a list of the best tips and tricks for the app. Before we begin, make sure you now have iOS 11 or newer installed on your device. To update your iOS device, head to Settings > General > Software Update and install any new updates.

  1. Insert tables

With a modern version of iOS, you now can quickly add tables to your existing note or a new note, without having to download an additional app. To do this, you first need to launch the Notes app, then head to an existing note or create a new one and hit the table icon when the keyboard shows up.

Once you are done, you should see a 2×2 table within your note. To add more rows or columns, hit the border of the tablet and select your option from the menu. When you are satisfied with your work, add or edit text.

  1. Scan documents

In iOS 11, the Notes app now includes the ability to scan documents right on your iPhone or iPad. In reality, scanning functionality in Notes is not something new out there, as it has been available in Android for years.

To scan documents in Notes, launch the Notes app from your home screen, then open a note or create a new one and hit the plus sign. After that, select Scan Documents to complete the task. If you now have an iPad Pro, you now can use the Apple Pencil to customize your document.

  1. Drag and drop

With the release of iOS 11, Apple poured a lot of love into its iPad, which was previously ignored in iOS 10. One of the coolest features added to iOS 11 lies in the ability to drag and drop. The feature really shines on iPad, with the help of the Apple Pencil.

The drag and drop feature works perfectly in the Notes app, meaning that you now can drag any text or photo and drag it into your note. This comes in handy as it eliminates the need for copying and pasting method.

  1. Control Center

In iOS 11, Apple revamped Control Center, making it more customizable and more visually appealing. One of the best things when it comes to iOS 11 Control Center lies in the ability to add shortcuts and services. That means that you can easily add the shortcut for Notes to Control Center for quick access.

To do this, open Settings from your home screen, then select Control Center and turn on the switch for Notes to add Notes to Control Center.

  1. Gestures

With iOS 11, you can perform some gestures in the Notes app to speed up your work. If you want to quickly pin a note, simply swipe to the right. To delete a note, swipe to the left of the note. You also get the option to move or lock your note.

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