The court refused Samsung to see iPhone 5

U.S. court refused to approve the request of Samsung preview Apple devices iPad 3 and iPhone 5, reported Engadget.

Between Samsung and Apple is going a legal battle focused around the recent allegations that the Korean company stole the design of the iPad and iPhone. Apple asked the court to permit them to conduct a preliminary review of the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Infuse 4G and Droid Charge. For its part, Samsung made a reciprocal request for its disclosure of iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Reasons for refusal, which received Samsung are few. The most important of them is connected with the fact that Apple’s practice is to keep secret all details about their products, almost to the day of their marketing. On the other hand, the policy of the Samsung is different and includes disclosure of a preliminary details. The judge decided that Apple have the right to keep their trade secrets if they want.

Samsung’s request is based on the assumption that the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will be presented this year, according to the judge no official information from Apple that it will happen. Everything is based on media speculation. Therefore, according to the judge the request does not include the Samsung products that are the focus of this case and is therefore rejected.

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