The new iPad 2 tablets maybe in white

white ipad 2

Traditional colors for the i-devices from Apple are generally black and white, as an interim solution for products with metallic aluminum body is silver-gray. 4, however, the iPhone never saw an official model in white and the first of Apple iPad tablet was a metal body and thus in silver-gray. It seems, however, plastic fashion is about to conquer iPad, the manner in which gripped the iPhone on 3G and 3GS, already has photographs of the digitizer (the alleged touchscreen) of new iPad 2 in white, like maybe second-generation Apple tablet will be in black and white plastic body along the lines of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Is this just another speculation, which travels through the Internet or will be true will probably know of 2 March, when is expected to occur official premiere of the Apple iPad 2. What we expect from the new second version of the tablet is it to be a slimmer body, to run faster, have an integrated camera, and also most likely to work with GSM and CDMA mobile networks.

white ipad 2

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