The new iPad is here

the new ipad

the new ipad

As has been clear for some time, Apple chose to premiere March 7 the next tablet in its portfolio. And contrary to expectations, it is called iPad 3, a simple iPad. More about it shortly. During the presentation the company’s chief Tim Cook said that Apple has three product called post PC era – iPod, iPhone and iPad. These product lines are generating 76% of the income of Americans, and the foundation of success is iOS, which has already driven 352 million devices only in the last quarter the number has increased by 62 million. The company continues to expand the scope of intelligent voice control function Siri now supports Japanese as part of iOS 5.1, version is now available for download.

100 million are users of cloud service iCloud, as new with it is that we can work with movies and users have constant access to their purchased content. In this respect, films and TV series available on iTunes now available in 1080p resolution. It supports the new version of Apple TV, which comes with an updated interface, reminiscent of that of iOS. The device is able to automatically display images from the iPhone without the user doing anything additionally include other familiar features such as Genius. Sales began on 16 March at a price 99 dollars – it is the same as the previous version.

The star of the evening course is iPad. Only in the previous quarter it sold 15.4 million units, as the App Store now has over 200 000 applications optimized for it. The company did not take long to produce an heir and the iPad 2 and proved that most of the previous rumors of its features were correct. The device already has a high-resolution display, which Apple calls Retina. It is again a diagonal 9.7 “, but offers a resolution of 2047 x 1536 pixels, which is a major upgrade to previous versions of the tablet – in fact it offers more pixels than an HD TV. Pixel density of 264 pixels per inch, which is less than this parameter, the iPhone 4. For the processing of these pixels (four times more than iPad 2) is necessary and higher computing power. It comes from dual-core chip A5X, which is equipped with 4-core graphics accelerator providing four times higher performance than its predecessor.

Tablet is already equipped with basic 5MR BSI sensor camera that can record 1080p video and a bunch of familiar features such as autofocus, built-in stabilization, face detection in the frame, lock the focus and more. In terms of connectivity methods, the new iPad now supports LTE networks with a maximum download speed of data from 72Mbps. Works with HSPA + 21Mbps plus dual-carrier HSDPA maximum speed 42Mbps. As argued earlier rumors, LTE versions (two of them) will be for U.S. operators AT & T and Verizon, but because of HSPA capabilities will be able to operate outside Shtatite.Vsichko this does not affect battery life that provides up to 10 hours runtime, but when used 4G capabilities time is 9:00. Tablet with a thickness of 9.4 mm, and its price starts again from $ 499 model with 16GB of memory and up to 829 dollars for a 32GB memory option and 4G. Sales started on March 16th. We will continue to be offered and iPad 2 the price of which starts from $ 399 for the version with Wi-Fi. We expect that further compress the other players in the tablet market.

Among the new software features a function to dictate that supports English, French, German and Japanese. Are updated and applications such as iWork, Garage Band (keep playing in real time from 4 iOS devices) and iMovie (with new options for video editing and use of the storyboard). Premiere receive and iPhoto for iPad, which provides different ways of viewing and imaging (resolution up to 19MR) including applying filters, using brushes and adjust specific areas of the frame – all with an intuitive interface, benefiting of multitouch capabilities the display. The application offers a variety of ways to share pictures, including the creation of photo albums with annotations, inset maps and even weather data. Publication of the albums can be done in iCloud, such as access to them is through a special link. The cost of application is $5.

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