The next iPhone will be thinner and lighter

Rumors about the next iPhone specifications continue in full speed. The newest of these is that so-called iPhone 5 will have a new touch panel, which will reduce both weight and size of the phone. Apple is committed Sharp and Toshiba to manufacture these panels.

These panels are made by a technology called “in-cell multitouch”. Using this technology integrates touch function inside the TFT LCD screen. This removes the need for additional sensors and glass. The screen remains thin, and overall device easier.

This technology is not yet fully established in the production of panels. At the end of August in Taiwan will be held several conferences which will be talked mostly about her. Apple, of course, will be the first who, according to rumor, will introduce these new panels in production. A company called AUO, for example, deals with this technology for several years.

The last rumor claiming that the above two Japanese companies will begin producing the new panels in the second half of the year. The new iPhone, then, would be introduced in the third quarter.

If rumors prove true, this could adversely affect two other Asian companies that still produce panels using standard technologies. Two such companies are currently developing panels for Apple, for example, are TPK Holdings and Winte

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