The real cost of the iPhone 4 is $187.51

Traditionally, analytical company iSuppli has counted the cost of the new smartphone of Apple – iPhone 4. It is recalled that last year the components of the iPhone 3GS 16 GB worth $178.96. Assembly of the present 16 GB iPhone 4 was released a little more expensive but not much – $187.51. For comparison, Motorola Droid cost is estimated at $187.75. You will note, however, do not take into account costs such as advertising, licensing, software development and development.

The most expensive component in iPhone 4 according to iSuppli has the display which is production of LG Display which has the price of $28.50. A4 processor made by Samsung Electronics, costs $10.75, gyros of the Swiss company STMicroelectronics – $2,60, and the accelerometer of the same company – $0.65.

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