There will be no iPhone 4G next year

The next generation iPhone handsets will not support 4G networks. As you know, the new devices will appear in the middle of next year. According to the release of Techcrunch, Apple will continue to use 3G chips in the new iPhone.

In the Internet appeared quite rumors according to which the new iPhone will be included maintenance of networks and 4G LTE. Now, however, it became clear that Apple will take a safer route and will not rely on new technologies in the new mobile device. This means that the company will focus on developing faster and less energy-consuming phone.

As you know, the U.S. now has 4G phones, but they are Android-based and offered exclusively by the operator Sprint. In addition, next year is expected dual-mode LTE-based devices, however, will again use the platform of Google – Android.

Based on information from Techcrunch, Apple to release 3G GSM and CDMA models of the iPhone next year. This means that the company will be marketing devices supporting LTE, as early as 2012.

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