Top 10 Most Useless iPhone Programs

1. Virtual Zippo Lighter – free virtual lighter.

2. Koi Pond – Lake full of chinese carps.

3. Ocarina – flute simulator.

4. PhotoFrame – as you may guess it turns iphone into a photo frame.

5. iBeer – virtual beer.

6. BubbleWrap – pop virtual baloons for time.

7. Sonic Lighter – another more interactive virtual lighter

8. Nixie TubeClock – old lamp clock.

9. Newton’s Cradle – virtual alternative of knocking balls.

10. Spectrograph Wallpaper – shout on your phone and you get a spectral voice analizer.


  1. These are some of the most popular and funnest apps… What the hell is your basis for calling them not only useless but MOST useless…

    What about that jumping cow thing that does absolutely nothing? And the billions of programs that advertise a movie, and just make some sounds? Seriously….

  2. Unless that zippo app can make the screen hot enough to light a cigarette, then I have to agree these are all useless. The only reason these apps are popular is because morons with iphones like to use crap like this to show off how super cool their dumb phones are.

  3. the Spectrograph is actually quite useful for those in the audio industry. it is a quick, easy, and cheap pocket sized Spectrograph useful for ringing out wedges and rough equalization of rooms.

  4. Obviously author doesn’t have kids or go to concerts. Koi pond and packing popper are great toddler apps and the lighter is useful when the band plays a classic like Freebird or Hotel California.

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