Traders on eBay get huge profits by iPad

On average 53% higher prices of the iPad 2 on eBay, rather than in offline stores.

According to data announced by eBay, the average price of sold 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 on its release three weeks ago was $697 which is $198 more than the price at which the device is sold in Apple stores. This represents a 40 percent gain for the seller.

The more expensive 64GB iPad 2 is sold even bigger profit for retailers. The average price of 64GB Wi-Fi has reached $963 or 53% above the price in offline stores. 64GB Wi-Fi/3G iPad 2 reached $1,235, which means 49% more than the price $829 on the shelves.

Observers say these high prices are due to the fact that demand is too high which gives rise to uncertainty of supply.

Damaged production facilities in Japan, where they produce the bulk of components for global high-tech industry are another factor which influences the timeliness of supply for Apple and therefore the availability of the source product.

In the U.S., time interval between the delivery is now three to four weeks. The period of delay is the same in France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Apple sells iPad 2 for between $499 and $699 for Wi-Fi model and between $629 and $829 for Wi-Fi/3G in its stores.

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