Try Android or WP7 simulation on your iPhone

Let’s say you’re happy with your iPhone, but at the same time you wonder what it feels like to use Android or Windows Phone 7. Now you can try these two operating systems that are simulated directly on your iPhone. If your iPhone is already jailbroken you can download the application OSFaker and enjoy the outcome.

You can download OSFaker in Cydia, the application captures graphically as Android or WP7. For those not familiar with Cydia, it’s something like App Store of Apple, except it offers applications that are designed specifically to work with jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. Needless to mention that such applications will never be approved in the App Store.

Working with the application is very simple, since just after its launch you just have to choose whether to start to simulate Android or WP7. OSFaker recently added ability to simulate a Windows Phone 7 and therefore it has fewer opportunities in the display of the operating system. On simulation of Android, will be able to take advantage of basic applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Calculator and Paint. If you’re curious, try this great application today!

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