Unable to activate a used iPhone? Here is the fix

Apple iPhone ranks among the most desired smartphones on the market. With a premium design and compelling features, iPhone doesn’t come cheap, making getting a used model a better choice for those with limited budget. Buying a second-hand iPhone may save you some cash, but it also comes at a price.

Some iPhone users have reported that they can’t activate their iPhone, as the device keeps asking them to enter someone else’s Apple ID details, thereby turning the iPhone into a useless brick. If you happen to sit in the group, there’s a good chance that your iPhone is still linked to the previous owner’s Apple ID.

An iPhone requires an Apple ID to work, so you need to get this fixed. The simplest way to deal with the problem is contact the previous owner and ask him for his Apple ID. However, things are not easy like they seem. In some cases, the seller lives too far away, so you cannot bring the device back to him. Don’t worry because we are here to help.

In this guide, we will go through the steps to fix an iPhone that won’t activate. Before we begin, make sure you can contact the previous owner so you can remove activation lock.

  1. How to remove activation lock on an iPhone using iCloud

If the original owner lives too far away, you can ask him to use iCloud to remotely remove activation lock or erase the device. If you need help, make sure you check out the steps below.

Step one: Contact the previous owner and ask him to visit iCloud.com on his computer or mobile device

Step two: Next up, sign in with his Apple ID and click Find My iPhone to proceed

Step three: Hit All Devices and select the phone (make sure the previous owner selects the iPhone that he’s selling you)

Step four: Now just simply hit Remove from Account to complete the task.

  1. How to erase an iPhone using iCloud

You can contact the previous owner of the iPhone and ask him to remotely erase the device using iCloud to make sure that nothing remains. Here is how (you can follow the below steps to properly erase your iPhone before selling it).

Step one: Open a web browser and head over to this link. After that, sign in with the Apple ID that is currently associated with your iPhone

Step two: Hit All Devices and select the iPhone that needs to be erased. After that, hit Erase iPhone and click Remove from Account

Step three: Reboot the iPhone to complete the task.

Alternatively, you can use the Find My iPhone app to remotely erase an iPhone. The process is pretty simple. You can follow the steps below.

Step one: First off, open the Find My iPhone app and then sign in with the Apple ID that is linked to your iPhone

Step two: Select the iPhone (make sure that’s the same iPhone they sold you)

Step three: Hit Actions, tap Erase iPhone and hit Erase iPhone again to confirm

Step four: Supply the Apple ID details and hit Erase

Step five: Select Remove from Account to complete the task.

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