Unable to record screen in iOS 11? Here is the fix

iOS 11 is finally available with hundreds of new features and changes. Apple’s latest version of iOS went through several beta versions before it was officially released last week. The Cupertino company has been working pretty hard to improve its mobile operating system for months in an attempt to offer a better user experience.

However, that doesn’t mean that everything runs smoothly in iOS 11. A lot of iPhone and iPad owners have reported that they cannot record screen on their device after updating to iOS 11, forcing them to reboot the device multiple times.

If you are one of those users who have been hit by the above issue, don’t worry because we have a couple of solutions that help you deal with the issue.

How to fix screen recording not working issue on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 11

  1. Hard reset your device

A hard reset may help you deal with the issue. However, before performing a hard reset, you need to remove screen recording toggle from iOS 11 Control Center. The process is pretty simply and we will show you how in the section below.

Step one: First off, launch the Settings app from your home screen and then hit Control Center to proceed

Step two: Next up, hit Customize Controls at the bottom of the page. Under the Include section, you will see a list of all the toggles in Control Center. Hit the red button to the left of the screen recording toggle to remove it

Step three: Once you are done, you now can force restart your device. If you now own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, the method is slightly different than past iPhone models (hold down the Volume and On/Off buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo)

Step four: Once your iPhone finishes booting up, head to the Settings app, select Control Center and hit Customize Controls

Step five: Now just simply hit the “+” button next to screen recording. Once you are done, try recording your device’s screen to see if the problem is fixed.

  1. Make sure you have turned off Parental Control

If the problem still persists, make sure you have disabled Parental Control on your device. If you need help, check out our steps below.

Step one: Open Settings on your device and then hit General to proceed

Step two: On the next screen, hit Restrictions and enter the passcode. After that, navigate to the bottom and disable the switch.

  1. Reset your device

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you, try resetting your device to factory settings. If you need help, check out the steps below.

Step one: Open the Settings on your device and then hit General

Step two: Next up, hit Reset and then tap on Reset All Settings

Step three: From the pop-up menu, hit Reset All Settings to complete the task.

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