Users of the iPhone 4 reported problems with reception

iPhone 4 is already selling in the U.S., which means that online already started to appear and the first consumer complaints about the device. One of them is associated with the appearance of yellow spots on the display, but according to information that is not something that should worry the new owners of the device. It seems that in striving to provide consumers as much as possible the phone, Apple and Foxconn have not waited for the time needed for evaporation of gluing glass substance. However, the spots will disappear after a few days work.

Another complaint of the more embarrassing – losing coverage when phone is in hand. If you remember Apple announced that the iPhone uses a special four steel hull design, it will actually act as antennas for Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and GSM connectivity. Right here lies the problem from which many customers complain – when caught with the left hand phone, mobile coverage decreases until disappearing completely. Problem area seems to be the lower left corner of the phone. The situation is quite different when used protective bumper cover offered by Apple, which seems to insulate the hand from the body of the phone. However, this does not occur in all phones, so it will be interesting to see what the reaction would be to Apple. Ironically in this case is that the company said it made design changes to improve the range of the phone – one of the areas in which previous models endured criticism.

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