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In its recent announcement, FlyTunes Inc. had mentioned big number of major changes regarding the company??™s mobile content network. The services offered by FlyTunes Inc. became popular through the help of the iPod Touch and the iPhone. FlyTunes Inc. is now adding audio podcasts as well as videos. They will also have a new interface for the users and a channel guide that can be easily customized.

FlyTunes Inc. is very much focused on the services rendered on mobile devices such as iPod Touch and iPhone. And when FlyTunes was launched in January, the network did not only experience massive user growth. They also had several innovations done in order to satisfy the users??™ crave for quality service.

And now that these latest changes are finally set, FlyTunes assure the iPod Touch and iPhone users that there are already 200 channels that they can access. This includes the latest videos and the audio channels. They can choose from a wide variety of channels which covers politics, news, family, kids, comedy, entertainment, health, technology, and business. With the recent additions on FlyTunes there are now more than 350 channels of podcast choices. This is better than the services given by the satellite radios where you have to pay a large fee.

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  1. Just an update: FlyTunes submitted its native application to Apple & it should be available in the app store when it opens. Even better, but still FREE!

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